Mapping a Site: The Distance Between

The Distance Between is a site-specific art project and exhibition in Sarasota

The Distance Between exhibition is the result of an international one-week intensive workshop titled ‘Mapping a Site’ that put students and faculty from four different art colleges  – Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota (Florida) Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (Belgium), St Lucas University College of Art and Design, Antwerp (Belgium) and Aalto University, Helsinki (Finland) – into a collaborative, creative working group.

The project is a site-specific communal art project in the Rosemary District and the Five Points area in Sarasota, Florida. People from the local community are asked to take part by creating their own flags and planting them in a places they are connected to or that have a personal significance. The idea to use a flag is based on the historical act of Lewis Colson who in 1884 drove a stake at Five Points marking the hub of the town of Sarasota. The flag is a symbol, connecting the historical with the present and at the same moment it is a way to make the diversity of the area and the people more visible.

The variety of flags will start appearing on the streets of Sarasota during the week, and the related exhibition presenting the process takes place Sunday November 25th.

Address: 21 Central Avenue

Time: Sunday 25th November, 3-5 pm

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